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Elizabethan England
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The Internet's greatest rewards are reaped by those who follow the "discovery method" of learning. Almost any quest for information on the web results in deliciously serendipitous rewards--information which was not purposefully sought, but which often yields unexpected treasure.

The following list of "Other Sources" represents the fruits of a cursory search on topics related to Elizabethan England, but it is only a beginning. Any of the links listed here will lead the inquisitive student to an infinite number of unforeseen, but worthy, learning destinations.

Note: These sites were functional as of July, 1998. However, as every Internet user knows, web sites tend to have unpredictable life spans.

Shakespearean Sites on the Web. Here is a gateway to Shakespeare and anything you ever wanted to know about the Bard. There are links all over the web. http://www.autonomy.com/willshak.htm

The Tudor Age. This site is devoted to the monarchs of the Tudor Dynasty, from Henry VII through Henry VIII (and his six wives) and Elizabeth I. Related links include a talk with Henry VIII, a Lady Jane Grey page, the History Net, A&E's Biography, Medieval and Renaissance Wedding Information, Edmund Spenser, Sir Thomas Moore, castles, the Globe Theatre, Medieval Art and Architecture, Costumes, and Chivalry Sports.

William Shakespeare and the Internet. A complete annotated guide to Shakespeare resources available on the Internet. Lots of links.

William Shakespeare. Shakespeare resources on the Internet, web servers, collection of paintings inspired by Shakespeare's works.
http: www.twcu.ac.jp/unofficial/research/shakespeare.html

Elizabeth I Links. Topic links, history review article, major personalities, glossary, timeline, topic links, History Channel. Internal links to related areas, including Henry VIII. http://www.sky.co.uk/history/classroom/alevel/lizlinks.htm

16th Century Renaissance English Literature (1485-1603).
Comprehensive resource on writers of the English Renaissance period.

In Her Own Words. Based on a series of performances dramatizing the life and times of Elizabeth I, this site includes original texts written by the monarch herself. http://www.wwp.brown.edu/rich/QEIhome.html

Modern History Sourcebook: Elizabeth I: The Spanish Armada 1588.

Shakespeare's England.

Elizabeth I
This site provides basic information on Elizabeth I and various topics related to her life and reign. http://mail.utep.edu/~aliciam/home.html

Anne Boleyn & Elizabeth I, Queen of England. Early Music Women Composers Page Discography: Ann(e) Boleyn (1507?-1536) & Elizabeth I,Queen of England (1533-1603, patroness)

Elizabeth I: (transl.) The Thirteenth Psalm of David.
Verse Translations by Elizabeth I.

Elizabeth I: Speech to the Troops at Tilbury

Elizabeth I, Live and Online--Bibliography

Elizabeth I
Concise Encyclopedia Article

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