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Project Description: This site was created by senior English Literature/Composition students at Springfield High School (IL) as part of an introductory study of the Elizabethan Period of English history and literature. The project focuses on important figures, events, and cultural trends of the time.

When the site was developed by the first and third period English 435 classes in November and December of 1996, it contained approximately 20 student-written articles, each of which included visuals and a briefly annotated bibliography of works consulted. The size and breadth of the information base were expanded considerably when articles written by English 435 students in the following school year were added to the site. Student articles from the initial site appear against a blue background; those contributed in 1997 appear against a golden background.

While the rich history of England in the late 1500s and early 1600s offers a wide variety of topics for extensive scholarly study, the scope and purpose of this project are purposely limited to provide a general overview, rather than a comprehensive exploration of the topics presented.

Objectives: The objectives of this project were to increase students' knowledge of the Elizabethan period in general and to enhance their skills in several other important areas of learning:

Process: The students worked in small groups for this project. Two weeks of class time were allocated; one week was spent in the school library, followed by one week in the computer lab. The library week was spent researching and evaluating source material. During the lab week, the students wrote and revised the written components, scanned images, and began creating the web pages in Claris HomePage. Finishing touches were completed by the students as necessary before and after school and during the lunch period in the two weeks following the lab work.

Participating Students: English 435 is a senior-level literature/composition class which surveys the literature of England from the Anglo-Saxon era to modern times. Most of the students who take English 435 further their education at two- or four-year colleges or universities after high school graduation.

Ms. M.J. Peters
English Department
Springfield (IL) High School
First Period, 1996

Class List (not as photographed): Lesley Barfield, Stefanie Bridges, Matt Doering, Brody Dyer, Javid Ferguson, Tamarra Fuller, Shannon Gaither, Toya Gordon, Shandy Granger, Brian Hart, Megan Haynes,Steve Loew, Paul Lowman, Liam Miller, Katrell Morgan, Evan Orr, Kenyatta Ruff, Andrea Vincent, Greg Wilken, Jason Wong
Third Period, 1996

Class List (not as photographed): Dexter Barbee, Ashley Beyer, Adam Bunker, Alan Carey, Lorraine Dobbins, Lisa Fischer, LaDaryl Hale, Heather Hines, Wade Hommerbocker, Valerie Kamhi, Maria Kniery, Zak Manes, Gretchen Maxwell, Ruth Minor, Valerie Passerini, Wally Peterson, Imad Rahman, Sarah Schulenburg, Sara Stone
First Period, 1997

Class List (not as photographed): Allegra Bohlen, Brent Burk, Katy Byrd, Vereachia Charleen Christmon, Mat Crawford, Paul Dalbey, Ed Daniels, Nat Deken, Andrea Goldfarb, Nathan Harrod, Mario Hunter, Alicia Jordan, Kavitha Kareti, Barb Locher, Aaron Lopian, Raquel Nash, Tyler Partridge, Sabina Pellizzari, Brice Peter, David Pruitt, Lia Ramsey, Erin Schmitt, Justin Silver, Michael Sivak, Megan Stephens, Lindsay Travelstead, Leah Widner, Sly Young

Third Period, 1997
Class List (not as photographed): Peter Barham, Starla Brown, Rosie Crouch, Adam Dozier, Melissa Dunbar, Andrea Elliott, Mandy Entringer, Sam Faggetti, Eric Frank, Mahvash Gandhi, Lexi Giger, Theresa Gumprecht, Allison Hendee, Brian Hinds, Mayra Izurieta, Kyle Lazell, Erin Lestikow, Kate Lindley, Chequita Nelson, Bobby Noll, Katie O'Fallon, Andy Peterson, Lori Peterson, Jody Post, Scott Raynolds, Stacy Singer, Andre Thompson, Sarah Viar, Bethany White, Jackie Williams, Karen Williams
Special thanks to Mrs. Linda Reed, SHS Librarian,
and Ms. Jenni Dahl, SHS Computer Lab Aide

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